Marine Grade Aluminum Flat Bar

Aluminum flat bar is excluded from the application of power equipment such as transformers, and its application in transportation is also very extensive. For example, for shipbuilding, the aluminum flat bars we export is also widely used in shipbuilding.

Marine grade aluminum flat bar is usually used for the main structure and superstructure of the hull. Among them, the 5052 aluminum flat bar and the 6061 t6 aluminum flat bar are the most common aluminum flat bar for ships. Both are highly resistant to corrosion, have excellent processing properties and high toughness, making them ideal for marine environments.

marine grade aluminum flat bar

Our marine grade aluminum flat bar is produced by an exclusive extrusion process and cutting process. The aluminum flat bar produced has no defects and high bending performance. The 5052 aluminum flat bar and the 6061 t6 aluminum flat bar are our main products. The 6061 heat-treated forged aluminum alloy is the internationally recognized best material for aluminum row. 6061 aluminum alloy, a heat-treated forged aluminum alloy, is an internationally recognized material for the manufacture of aluminum busbars. 5052 aluminum alloy has high corrosion resistance and is the material of choice for marine grade aluminum flat bar. We have a complete processing, forming, welding process, the production of aluminum busbars with innovative design, lighter weight, saving you installation costs and labor costs.
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