Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar

According to the characteristics of copper and aluminum, the interface of copper and aluminum are fused or diffused by a specific process, forming a close metallurgical bond and becoming a bimetal composite conductor, which is used as the current-carrying conductor in power transmission and transformation equipment. Also known as copper-clad aluminum row or copper-aluminum composite row.

CCA busbar

The copper clad aluminum bus shall be produced by the standard of GB/T 5231, and the copper content shall not be less than 99.90%.The material of aluminum core shall conform to the provisions of GB/T 1196, and the content of aluminum shall be no less than 99.70%.

Our Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar

cca bus bar
1. Section shape: round edge
2. Volume ratio: 20% copper, 80% aluminum
3. Mass ratio: 45% copper, 55% aluminum
4. Material: T2 copper (SGS 99.98%), 1070 aluminum
5. Density: 3.94 g/cm3 plus or minus 3.2%
6. Carrying capacity: 86% of the pure copper busbar
7. The DC resistivity: 0.02554 or less Ω was/m (soft)
8. Elongation: 11% or greater (soft state), 1.5% or greater (hard state)
9. Tensile strength: greater than or equal to 90MPa (soft state), greater than or equal to 110MPa (hard state)
10. Shear strength of interface bonding between copper and aluminum is greater than or equal to 42MPa
11. Yield stress: 44mpa-54mpa (soft state), 152mpa-179mpa (hard state)
12. Elastic coefficient: 71GPa
13. Thermal conductivity: 0.58 Cal/Cm/Sec / ℃

copper clad aluminum busbar

copper clad aluminum bus bars

Weight Display in Common Specification   
Specification a*b(mm) 3*30 3*40 3*50          
Weight/meter(kg) 0.31 0.42 0.53          
Specification a*b(mm) 4*40 4*50 4*60 4*80        
Weight/meter(kg) 0.56 0.7 0.84 1.12        
Specification a*b(mm) 5*40 5*50 5*60 5*80        
Weight/meter(kg) 0.7 0.875 1.05 1.4        
Specification a*b(mm) 6.4 6*50 6*60 6*80 6*100      
Weight/meter(kg) 0.84 1.05 1.26 1.68 2.1      
Specification a*b(mm) 8*50 8*60 8*80 8*100 8*120 8*200    
Weight/meter(kg) 1.4 1.68 2.24 2.8 3.36 5.6    
Specification a*b(mm) 10*60 10*80 10*100 10*120 10*150 10*200 10*250 10*300
Weight/meter(kg) 2.1 2.8 3.5 4.2 5.25 7 8.75 10.5

Advantages of Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar(CCA busbar)
1. Good conductivity:  Compared with the electrical property of pure copper busbar, AC carring capacity of 15%-20% copper volume copper clad aluminum busbar is more than 85% of the red copper busbar.
2. Light weight:  The density of the CCA busbar is 37%-40% of the pure copper busbar, the length is 2.5-2.6 times compared with pure copper busbar in the condition of same weight. The weight ratio between pure copper busbar and bimetallic copper busbar is 2.6:1.
3. Good mechanical property:  Good ductility, CCA busbar do not exist wrinkle,bubble or surface crack in the process of bending. operational performance of the product can be assured.
4. strong bonding between copper and aluminum:  Two different metallic material reach permanently atom bonding in the specific environmental temperature. Do not exist any physical defects.
5. Good extensibility and reliability: It has plasticity through special heating process technology and be beneficial to punching, shear, bend process. Tining, Zincing and silver coating process to ensure corrosion resistance.
6.  Best selectivity:  Save copper resource to reduce  production and matching cost. It has no contamination, it is environmental friendly.Our company can manufacture various specification copper clad aluminum busbar. We have superior production equipment to fulfil technology and industry requirement  completely.

copper clad aluminum busbar manufacturer

Min. ultimate tensile strengh 30-170 MN/㎡
Modus of elasticity 85x10³ MN/㎡
Density at 20 ℃ 3,63x10³ KG/㎡
Max. electrical resistivity at 20 ℃ 2,65x10-8 Ωm
Min. electrical conductivity at 20℃ 37,7x106 1/Ωm
65 %IACS
Temp. coefficient of resistance at 20℃ 4,01x10-3 1/oC
Coeff. of linear thermal expansion º 20-100 21,9X10-6 1/oC
Melting point 658
Specific heat 711,7 J/kg/ºC
Thermal conductivity 2,38X106 W/m2/ºC

Recommended drill characteristics
Cutting speed: 50m/min.
Drill cutting angle:135º-140º.
Helix angle: 45º.
Lubricant and coolant white spirit.
Copper-Clad Aluminium (CCA) busbar can be cut using methods that apply to aluminium. Grinding of cut saw to a trapezoidal shape gives good results and deburring is not necessary.
Cutting speed: 50-90 m/sec.
Lubricant and coolant white spirit.

N.B. Above factors are for bending normal to the plane.
For edge bending the forming tool radius should be multiples of the width w.
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