The surface treatment process of aluminium busbars

When customers purchase aluminium busbars, they pay close attention to the service life of aluminum busbar products. The service life of aluminium busbars are related to many factors, one of which is the surface treatment process. A good process will extend the life of the aluminium busbar.

The aluminum alloy is soft, has low strength, has good ductility, can be drawn into filaments and rolled into foil, so it is a good choice for making aluminium busbars. For example: 5052 aluminum flat bar, 6063 aluminum flat bar, 6101 aluminum busbar, 7075 aluminum flat bar,etc. There are many kinds of surface treatment processes for aluminium busbars, among which the most used in aluminum busbar products are: pickling, sand blasting, alkali etching, acid sand and the like. Among them, sand blasting is a physical process, and others are chemical processes. What is the difference between these processes?

aluminum rectangular flat bar

The pickling process is a method of removing oxide scale and rust on a metal surface using an acid solution. The disadvantage of pickling is that it takes a long time and the processing cost is high. The effect on thick scale is not ideal, especially the black residue at the weld can not be removed. Moreover, the oxidized pores after oxidation are relatively large, and surface unevenness is likely to occur.

The passivation process uses a chemical solvent to passivate the aluminum material, and aluminum forms an oxide film in the air. This oxide film has a certain protective effect. The aluminum passivation process is to allow aluminum to form an oxide film on the surface in a short time to protect the aluminium busbars. Since the oxide film has a very low electrical conductivity, it can prevent the cathode reaction from causing corrosion of aluminum. The aluminum busbar product produced by this process has uniform anti-corrosion layer and stable chemical properties, so the service life of the aluminium busbars can be effectively extended.
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