Advantages of aluminium busbar
In the 1970s, copper busbar were widely used in power equipment such as transformers and electric control cabinets. Then, with the rise and development of aluminum materials, aluminium busbar have gradually replaced copper platoons, becoming the mainstream of power equipment materials. So, what advantages does aluminium busbar have compared to copper busbar?

6061 t6 aluminium alloy busbar

1. Aluminium busbar is lighter
Compared with the same volume of aluminum and copper, the aluminium bar is 70% lighter than the copper busbar.

2. Aluminium busbar is softer
Aluminum has soft properties, it is easier to process, and the processed product is more tough. For example: 1060 aluminum busbar, it can bend 90 degrees without cracking, Other aluminium alloy busbar, such as 6061 T6 aluminum flat bar, 5052 aluminum flat bar, etc., have good bending properties.

3. Aluminium busbar cost is lower
Compared with the high price of copper, aluminum has a great price advantage and can effectively save costs.

Therefore, the aluminium busbar is more practical and economical than the copper busbar, which is why the aluminium busbar gradually replaces the copper row.